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1dC - Uno de Carola

About us


1dC Uno de Carola is a small Madrid-based business that has dedicated over 15 years to handcrafting unique jewellery on demand and to designing a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

We have top-class suppliers and highly reliable workshops for on-going customised customer care, adjusting our craft to your taste and budget.



A bit of history


The soul of 1dC Uno de Carola is Carolina Carvallo Moraga, who was born in Santiago de Chile and settled down in Madrid in 2001.

Her fascination and admiration for the different artistic expressions, especially by jewels and stones, led her to study gemmology and jewel appraisal and specialise in diamonds at the Spanish Gemmological Institute (IGE), while perfecting her designing process on her own.

Wherever she goes, she gathers ideas and materials, which turn into novel, original, sometimes unique, pieces. She works from her workshop surrounded by a wide variety of stones, which allows her to design freely, always paying dedicated attention to each piece, which is sold fully guaranteed and at a fair price.